.ARTE Network Information Center

.ARTE Whois

Registration Data Directory Services for .ARTE domains are available at https://whois.nic.arte

Registration Policies

Only ARTE (Association Relative à la Télévision Européenne G.E.I.E.), its Affiliates or the Trademark Licencees could be eligible to register a Domain Name under the ARTE TLD.

Eligible registrants should proceed through internal channels to get further information on how to apply for a .ARTE domain: Registration policies

Domain Name Anti-Abuse Policies

Abusive use(s) of .ARTE domain names will not be tolerated. The nature of such abuses creates security and stability issues for the registry, registrars and registrants, as well as for users of the Internet

Please see our full anti-abuse policy with further detail. The abuse contact can be reached by e-mailing ngtld-abuse@cscinfo.com

DNS Security

For information on how DNS Security (DNSSEC) is handled within .ARTE, please see DNSSEC policy